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A Full Service Financial Planning Experience

You have enough demands on your time. We understand what it takes to provide a timely, full service financial planning experience. As SmartVestor Pros, we're continually developing our team and our financial services offering, to better serve your wealth and investment management needs. In order to provide truly holistic planning services, we also partners with local West Michigan-area CPAs and legal teams who can carry out your well-laid plans in every area of your financial life. We'll facilitate seamless communication and the execution of your personalized comprehensive plans. 

Wealth Management 

As SmartVestor Pros, Anchor Wealth Advisers operate on the same basic principles of wealth management that Dave Ramsey uses. We focus on educating you to help you eliminate and avoid debt. Through offering a variety of investment vehicles, we strive to produce a portfolio with appropriate diversification based on your individual goals and risk tolerance. By regularly reviewing your portfolio’s performance and asset allocation, we’ll help you maintain a balanced portfolio and keep you on track, even as the market and your financial goals change over time. Unlike other financial firms, we’ll communicate with you clearly and regularly throughout the process.*

Retirement Planning

You want to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. And you want to feel confident that, as you ride the waves of the market, the ups of your investments will ultimately outweigh the downs. At Anchor Wealth, we specialize in retirement planning to help you transition from simply building wealth to maintaining or even growing your wealth even as you withdraw on it. We’ll work with you to help you project, clarify and prioritize your needs and wants for retirement, and we’ll work to help ensure that your streams of income will be sufficient for your financial needs and goals in retirement.

Financial Planning

As SmartVestor Pros and financial advisors , we take an educational and highly ethical approach to financial planning. We operate on the same basic financial planning principles which Dave Ramsey uses. We believe in educating our clients on key financial principles and practices that will help them get free from debt, manage their daily finances and follow investment strategies to grow their wealth. Our SmartVestor Pro financial advisers act as your personal financial coaches. We’ll work closely with you to develop a financial roadmap designed to help you chart a course between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.*

Long-Term Insurance Protection

Comprehensive financial planning isn’t complete without proper insurance planning. You’ve worked hard to get where you are today, so you need appropriate insurance coverage to help protect your assets today and tomorrow. Having appropriate coverage can help protect you and your loved ones from the potential financial devastation of life’s more unfortunate events. Anchor Wealth Advisers can help you identify and address your specific insurance needs. We’ll help you assess your options and help you find the most appropriate coverage solutions for life Insurance, long-term care insurance and disability insurance. Contact us today to get started.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a key component of any comprehensive financial plan. Having an effective estate plan in place can help ease the financial and administrative burden left on your loved ones in an already stressful and emotional time. It can also help protect your legacy from unnecessary taxes and fees. Anchor Wealth Advisers can guide you through the process of creating a thorough and effective estate plan. We’ll coordinate your plans with your legal representative. And, when the time comes, we’ll also work in concert with them to oversee the implementation of your final wishes.

Tax Planning

A little tax planning can often result in significant tax savings. Your Anchor Wealth Adviser will work closely with you to identify the most appropriate and advantageous tax strategies for your personal situation. Once we’ve established your personalized tax strategy, we’ll review your tax situation on an annual basis or as often as needed and make any necessary recommendations. To implement your tax strategy, we’ll coordinate with your tax prepare to ensure that your plan and tax strategies are carefully followed. Contact our experienced financial adviser representatives today to get started!

College and Education Planning

When it comes to planning for a child or grandchild’s education, we can help you find the most efficient and effective investment vehicles, such as 529 college savings plans and more. We can also help you project and calculate future expenses and identify specific goals for your college savings. Contact Anchor Wealth Advisers today to learn more and begin planning for your future education expenses.

*Working with an advisor that is part of the SmartVestor network cannot guarantee investment success or that financial goals will be achieved.  There can be no assurance that working with a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro (SVP) will produce or achieve better results than working with an advisor not affiliated with the SmartVestor program.  Advisors that participate in this program pay a fee to belong to the program for client leads that are provided.  Dave Ramsey and the SmartVestor program is not affiliated with or endorsed by Cetera Advisors LLC.

Our Approach

As SmartVestor Pros, we take an easy-to-understand, ethical approach to financial planning. We’re highly communicative and operate with the heart of teachers as well as financial planners.

Our Approach

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As SmartVestor Pros, we are dedicated to improving your financial education and position. Our team of financial professionals are highly experienced, communicative and accessible.

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